What does evil mean?

As a new “convert” to the philosophy of the Law of Attraction, I have some serious questions for the Universe.

A couple of days ago, a 22 year old man stabbed and shot to death six people. He injured quite a few more. All this was done as “retribution” for what he felt was women choosing inferior men to him as lovers, or mates. Clearly, the guy was delusional, and suffered from some severe mental illness. He did though, literally go insane, because a person would have to be insane to commit such violence against others.

According to the Law of Attraction, you draw to yourself whatever kind of energy you put out into the Universe. If you are happy and grateful, you attract more happiness, and more reason to be grateful. If you constantly worry, or are angry, judge people or hate based on superficial reasons, you attract more worry, are judged by others, and viewed not for who you are, but what you look like, say, or do. This kid was consumed by evil, that’s apparent. But why? How can someone attract so much hate and anger that they become evil?

By the same token, the Law of Attraction states that nothing happens by accident, and everything that comes to you, good or bad, you attracted somehow. What could the victims of this madman possibly have done to attract being shot to death in their twenties? None of them had really even started to live.

I understand the concept that good cannot exist without evil, and darkness must be balanced by the light. Are the lives ended by evil random events? I have to believe that there is some form of afterlife, and that the energy that is each person’s soul returns to the Universe and joins in the totality of it, where there is the ultimate state of bliss, and these souls just got released back to the Universe earlier than others. I have to believe that they are in whatever place Heaven meant to each of them, otherwise this makes no sense.

I know that the Universe does not make sense in human terms, and it operates according to laws that we are just beginning to have an inkling about the existence of. I also know the Universe has it’s own orderliness, and sense. I have seen repeatedly in a very short time how the LOA works in my life, and it is really simple for me to believe in the truth that it is. I want to understand the relationship between the light and the dark, and why the dark can seemingly strike at random, and so lethally. I trust the Universe will provide me a way to understand this better