This new life that I’m learning is in some ways pretty difficult. I’ve made a commitment to write something every day. The problem is, what do I write when nothing special has happened? Today was just a very routine, albeit pleasant, day. I got to speak with my lady friend when I didn’t expect to, I went to the gym and had a not very good workout, but I went, and I did it.

I’d like to regain that sense of accomplishment I was feeling when I first started returning to the gym, because now it feels sort of routine, and that could be a death knell for progress. My weight loss seems to have plateaued also, but I did have a few days recently where I threw caution to the winds and chowed down on stuff that definitely doesn’t help to lose weight. I read something someone else wrote though, and it resonated with me, “would you rather spend your time trying to live to 81, or would you rather live your life until 80?

Even though I enjoy the summer weather, I have a condition called hyperhydrosis. It’s a big word that means I sweat. A lot. I sweat in the winter, I sweat while cooking, I sweat just because. I really sweat. And during the summer, it’s atrocious the amount that I sweat. I can go outside, and literally be soaked through my clothes wet, within five or ten minutes. I deal with it, I carry a washcloth or hand towel with me whenever I go out and I’m careful about how I dress, ( a soaking wet polo shirt or button down is not a good look for me!) and I always wear shorts.

My point being though, that I think the summer heat takes a lot out of me, fluid wise and energy wise. But, it’s raining right now, with some little rumbles of thunder, and I love a nice thunderstorm or even a rainy afternoon, plus it’s much cooler in here now. Hey! Something else to be grateful for!


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