Are We the ONLY Ones?

I had kind of a lazy afternoon, so I amused myself with some mindless entertainment on the television. I found a movie about UFO’s and at first I thought it was going to be sort of silly because there were folks talking about their experiences as “abductees” and how they were forced to have sex, and the aliens are breeding hybrid alien/humans, that kind of thing.

There were also however, some fairly prominent science types who talked about their opinions regarding the possibilities and how they thought such matters as interstellar travel might be accomplished.

While I was watching, a couple of things occurred to me. First, that I was looking for mindless entertainment when I found “The Secret”, and that movie has changed my life. Second, considering what little I know about the Universe, the fundamentals of ALL matter which is at it’s core, energy, and suddenly much of what I was seeing and hearing made a lot more sense. At the very least, the possibility of it all.

I’ve read a lot pro and con regarding science and the the likelihood of life on other worlds, and the theories seem to me to run in two basic directions: There are just too many stars, solar systems, and planets in the Universe for the life on Earth to be the only life extant. Or, it takes such a unique set of circumstances which absolutely HAVE to happen in the right order, and at the right times, that the Earth IS alone in the Universe in having everything happen so perfectly that the conditions were ripe for life to form.

Personally, I tend toward the first idea. I just cannot fathom when I look at the stars that Earth is the only place where life could form. I understand the narrow, unvarying conditions required for life to form here, but look at all the different forms of life right here! There are millions, if not billions of different species of life on Earth. From single cell amoebas, to jellyfish, to worms, insects, to all kinds of plant life, to the animals, and finally, we humans. Just consider all the different racial makeups of people. If we’re not separate species, we’re certainly different subsets of the same species. My question would have to be, with all the variations of life there are here, how could Earth be unique?

Now, that’s not to say though, that life elsewhere would necessarily be anything like what we know. We understand a set of physical laws that apply to this planet, our own little piece of the cosmos. Science now knows too, about “quantum physics”, even if we have very little idea of the laws that apply there. The theories abound however, about the possibilities of life made of molecules other than carbon. Maybe pure energy without physical form, (where we all derive from maybe?) to the way that time and space could be “folded” on itself, potentially making a physical point in space that is light years away in our physics, existent in the same place in other laws. There might even be an infinite number of “alternate” universes.

Are there extraterrestrial craft roaming our skies? I don’t know, because I haven’t seen definitive proof yet. I believe that it’s absolutely possible that there are other civilizations capable of that kind of movement. I just don’t know if they’ve been here yet.

The people who claim to have been abducted and examined or impregnated, or had implants placed, still seem kind of wacky to me. Then again, we humans routinely subject “lesser” life forms to what amounts to torture in order to study them. So who’s to say? Another civilization that could travel here from another solar system would in all likelihood consider us, if not a lesser life form, then certainly a less intelligent, less capable, and thus, inferior one.

I don’t think they would mean us harm though, because as one of the science types on the movie pointed out, “civilizations” on Earth that don’t learn to live peacefully and in harmony with the Universe, ALWAYS destroy themselves. We in this “civilization” are doing that now. Any life capable of traveling here would certainly be far advanced to us in terms of their understanding of the laws of the Universe, so they would be peaceful, but intent on learning about the Earth.

So. I choose to believe, based on all I’ve learned about the Law of Attraction, and the energy that is common to all the Universe, that there are other beings out there. I visualize a World where we’ve learned to live by the Law of Attraction, and thus put out positive, rather than negative energy. I bet then we’ll attract some pretty cool dudes from another planet who can teach us a thing or two.


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