Keeping Up

I haven’t written anything here for almost a week, but the truth is, I’ve just been too busy! I’m also doing the Writing 101 assignments, (well, most of them) and with my hectic social life and learning about my new found way of life, so for a retired guy, I’m really working.

I also started volunteer work at the local food pantry/soup kitchen, and that’s going to occupy some time too. I’ve only been there once so far, and doctor’s appointments will keep me away this week, but I think I’ll enjoy the work.

My life feels as if it’s right where it’s supposed to be at this point, but I’m getting impatient at times. I know realistically that I won’t be rich next week, or have my driver’s license back, or a new car. In order to attract these things though, I have to believe and act as if I already have them. So I guess I’m choosing to ride my bike instead of drive because it’s the healthy choice, and I have a fitness goal to meet too.

I listened to a really good visualization lesson today, the gist of which is to celebrate and appreciate that other people have the things that I want, even if I don’t have them yet. Because, if other folks have whatever it is I want, then that’s just proof that it’s there for me too. If it’s possible for someone else, it’s possible for me. Makes sense, no?


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