Writing is tough!

Since I started blogging, I’ve also started learning so much about how to blog, and how to work the site so that people see my efforts, that it’s quite mind boggling. We fifty something who didn’t grow up writing programs and doing other ethereal computer “stuff” have a hard time figuring it all out.

WordPress is having a writers workshop of sorts called, aptly enough, “Writing 101.” Each day a topic is presented, and each topic has a twist to include in the assignment. I never realized how so many people could have different ideas on how to write about each topic. Well, that’s not quite right either. I know everyone will have their own way of writing the assignments, but I guess I mean I haven’t ever been exposed to so many folks writing about the same thing that I was, while they’re actually writing about their own conception of it.

I think this is necessary for me to sharpen my skills, and prepare for the writing that will be required for my book. I’ve felt like I’m slacking off some in recent days, but as I write my assignments, and my blog, I realize that this is all practice for the work that lays ahead. So, I’m really right where I need to be, and it’s all practice, practice, practice…

Now I have to go look in the dictionary and find out whether my use of “lays” was correct, or if it should have been “lies.” I really haven’t a clue. That needs correcting!


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