A small entry today, relating to how the Law of Attraction is manifesting itself in my life. This is an example of how, if I only stop to recognize how the Universe brings good things to me, I will see them all around.

I spent the last couple of days with my Lady friend, and we had a wonderful time. We attended a historical lecture in my old home town, and then walked to the other end of town on a sort of “info-tour” where one of the town historians indicated points of interest. We walked uptown to the oldest cemetery in town, where another historian/archeologist gave a lecture about the cemetery, its connection to the Revolutionary War, and some archeological digs that had been conducted there. All very interesting, and it fed into my passion for history, particularly my fascination with the revolutionary period, and the founding of this country. It required, though, a lot of walking and standing, and was by the end of the day, very tiring.

I’ve been taking a medication to help me sleep for many years, and although it isn’t technically addictive, I often just plain do not sleep with out it. In alignment with my new found knowledge about how to attract health into my life though, I don’t take it every night. After the adventure we’d had, I was tired enough that I thought I might sleep pretty well without the med, so I didn’t take it.

I won’t say I slept terribly, but it was far from the restful hours of sleep my body required to regenerate. The next night, I didn’t take it again, figuring that I was REALLY tired and would sleep well. It didn’t happen that night either. I did take my med last night, since I had slept for a total of about seven hours in the last fifty or so. I slept like a rock for most of the night, but this morning, I still wasn’t energetic and rested. When I got home, I actually fell asleep for a while, and had decided not to go to the gym because of this fatigue. When I woke up, I was famished, and so made an omelet. After I ate, I was feeling better, and feeling guilty about not going to the gym, so I listened to my intuition, and went.

My workout was TERRIBLE! I was still tired and weak, but now all the blood in my body was busy digesting the omelet and not fueling my muscles to lift weights. I cut my workout short, and basically surrendered to the fact that I would have to fight another day.

Lo and behold though, as I was leaving, who should I run into but my Daughter and my Grandbabies! She was just leaving too, so if I hadn’t eaten that omelet, if I hadn’t decided to go to the gym, if I hadn’t had the lousy workout and cut it short, I would have missed seeing my Daughter and her babies. It was a wonderful surprise, and my Grandson is such a loving, curious, talkative little boy, we were immediately chatting about everything. I love the way he calls me “Grampa.”

So the Universe knows that I love to see my kids and their kids whenever possible, and it knew that my younger girl had been away for a week or so. It provided me the opportunity to see them, but only if I followed the clues and hints it was giving me. At any point, any deviation on my part would have caused me to miss them. This was not a coincidence, although that’s what the old me would have believed. This was the Universe setting me up for a few minutes of joy, which caused happiness for the rest of my day! Amazing how it works if you let it!



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