I wrote my last post yesterday morning, and somehow it feels like days ago. I went on my adventure and made it with no problems. I amended some parts of the itinerary like taking a cab in Manhattan and then in Freeport out to Jones Beach, but getting there earlier was worth the extra cost. The day was perfect, and the show was too. Other airshows I’ve been to were right at airports, so there is always a “static” line of aircraft that are on display, and some of them fly during the show. Since Jones Beach is literally a beach, all the aircraft flying in the show had to start at another field somewhere on Long Island. I’ve forgotten the exact count, but thanks to the technology of digital photography and high capacity storage cards, I literally took nearly two THOUSAND photos. I’m going to have to be fairly brutal in my editing of the pictures, because that’s just too much storage space to take up on a hard drive or a photo card. It will be fun sorting through all those photos of airplanes (and other stuff) though.

When I went I had a pretty good start on a tan, but I still got burned some more, and that was with lotion. I’m discovering that the worst burn is the top of my feet! Ouch! I think I look pretty hot with a tan though. I wonder if my Lady friend agrees?

Since I’ve discovered the Law of Attraction, one pleasant result is that I can chat with just about anyone. I’ve always been empathetic towards folks, but I never had it in me to just start conversations with them. I do now, and it’s great! I met an older black woman while waiting for the bus back to Freeport from Jones Beach. The conversation started when I asked if she knew what time the next bus was supposed to be. There are two bus stops there, and all the buses stopped at the other one first, with the result that the bus was already pretty much full when it arrived at our stop. The next one didn’t even bother coming to our stop because it was packed. Up until that point, most of us waiting on line, (maybe 30 or so people) had been patient, and everyone was pleasant, and chatting about the airshow. After we had waited an hour, some of us (yes, I admit it, me too) started getting a little surly. However, within about ten minutes another, empty bus pulled in, and we were all able to get on. As the Universe would have it, the only seat open was next to the woman I had spoken with earlier. I asked if she minded if I sat with her, (she didn’t) and I asked if she enjoyed the airshow. Well, she positively raved about it. She had a passion for the Concorde, and wanted to see if the jets the Blue Angels flew could thrill her the way seeing the Concorde used to, and they did! She was so excited and happy to have someone to tell about this that I knew it was the Law in action.

I had made a reservation at a motel in Freeport to stay the night, because I thought I might be too tired for the trek back home, and I was right. The best way I can describe this establishment though, was as a dump. It seemed clean enough, but my bed looked kind of like it had been remade after someone slept, or maybe didn’t sleep in it. Considering how you could rent a room for three hours, and that’s exactly what a guy was doing with his “girlfriend” when I checked in, maybe my suspicion isn’t so far fetched.

The motel was listed on one of the major travel booking sites, and listed amenities such as free wifi and AC. The wifi was non-existent, the air conditioner pumped out perfectly conditioned hot air, the soda machine didn’t even work, and I was unprepared to be staying at a “no tell motel” with all the possibilities for crime and violence that could entail. The motel is clearly engaging in false representation, and I spared no words when I expressed my displeasure at being charged the full rate, and none of the claims made on the travel site were remotely true. So, this is my quandary. Was I being negative and expressing negative energy to the Universe? Was I wrong for doing so? Should I have just accepted what was and kept my yap shut? Would I be wrong if I wrote a review and was honest about it, and then submitted it to the travel site? What if a young family were to check in there, unable to get their room fee back? I’m going to have to ask the Universe for some guidance here.

In the same vein, when I had to wait an hour for the bus, I got very agitated and impatient. I worked on focusing and accepting what was, but I looked at all the people around me and they seemed so much more at peace with the situation. It even irritated me that I was having difficulty trying not to be irritated! Of course, then the empty bus came along and everything was fine. Maybe that was my message and answer from the Universe in front of me the whole time. This is where this blog helps. It clarifies my thinking so that I can recognize the answers I’ve been given.

I have a LOT more I need to write about this, but I am exhausted, so I’ll continue tomorrow. Suffice it to say this trip was a huge accomplishment, and a learning experience. I’m glad that I did it.


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