My New Career

I have always loved to write. I’ve had fantasies of writing a book and being a successful author since I was a teenager, but always dismissed the idea out of hand because. Because I just didn’t believe I could ever do it. I wondered what the folks who DID write books knew that I didn’t, and why they got to write, and I didn’t.

Well, now I know. At least I know for me. Simply put, I believed that I couldn’t do it, so, I couldn’t. My thinking, my attitudes, my beliefs, have taken such an amazing turn about though, with what I’ve learned about the Law of Attraction, that I know I can write a book. I know for a fact that I am going to write a very popular history book, one that will hold some appeal for millions, because the subject will be one they’re familiar with, but really don’t know anything about. Since they are familiar though, they’ll be enticed to learn more.

I had an idea for a subject that would be interesting, but was somewhat limited in scope. As I was thinking about that one morning during my morning meditations, the subject that would work just came to me. I mean, it didn’t really “just” come to me, but the Law of Attraction worked and I attracted the idea. That was the clue that it was the right way to go. I listen and watch intently for what I attract to me by my thinking and feeling. I don’t question what feels right, I just act on it, and that’s what I’m doing.

Now, I’ve accomplished the belief that I can do this. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I have absolutely no experience in what is involved in getting a book on paper. I’ve got a subject. I need a format. I need to do extensive research. I have to learn how to do research. Then the actual research will take a couple of years. Next, (I think,) I’ll have to produce a manuscript, and submit it to an editor, possibly an agent, and when it’s been pronounced ready for publication, I’ll have to find a publishing house to do it. That’s a faint outline of what this will require, I’m sure there will be tons of details necessary to complete that I have no idea of at this point, but this is going to be a work of love. It’s going to be my new passion, and give me the drive and determination to be, and do, and have what I want. It’s the route to the life I now desire to live, deserve to live, and that I will live.

So, the natural question would be, do I really think I can do this? Am I crazy? Am I setting myself up for a fall, for failure? My response would be why? Why shouldn’t I be able to do this? Other people have. No body ever decided to write a book and just sat down and knocked it out, then becoming rich and famous. It takes hard work, dedication, a passion for your subject, and above all I suspect, the deeply held, unshakeable belief that it can happen. Thus, with all that in mind, I’m going to write a book.


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