It works when you least expect it.

I mentioned in a previous post how I fell in my lady friends shower, and broke the faucet nozzle off. I told her that since I broke it, I would fix it. The job turns out to need a real plumber, so I told my lady to call one and I would pay for the repair. Yesterday, she called me and asked me to come down to her home, so someone would be here when the plumber came. I was thinking I wouldn’t get to see her for a week, but the LOA works in strange ways sometimes. Bottom line? I got to spend more glorious time with her, and prove even further that I am who I say I’m becoming.

The plumber came, and this repair is going to be pretty big. If he can’t do it the way he wants to, it is going to involve some major reconstruction and BIG bucks. You know what? I have faith in the LOA and this cannot get me down, or even dampen my enthusiasm. It is, after all, only money. There’s more where that came from.

I feel strong, confident, secure. Every day I learn more, and every day the more I learn, the more I find I have to learn. That excites me, and makes me eager to get on with more learning. I had an excellent day, and I discovered quite by accident that the positive energy I put out to the universe even comes back to me in such simple forms as the meal I cooked tonight. It was great, even if I do say so myself. It was cooked with love, and I think it showed.

I find it an interesting dichotomy that my life is basically the same as it was a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not. It’s so much better in every way. My thoughts, my feelings, my attitudes, my hopes and dreams. I have goals for my life now, and I realize that I’m the one controlling my destiny. I believe now that I can and will accomplish things that I would have dismissed without a second thought in my past life. I’m attracting answers to questions I ask about anything. All I have to do is listen for the answer, and when it comes, to recognize it, and act on it.



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