It finds me.

Due to my having lost my drivers license because of drinking and driving, when I visit my lady friend’s home, it involves my taking a train to a town about 20 miles South of here, and then she picks me up at the train station and drives us back across the river to the town where she lives. Of course, when I leave her home and return to mine, it works in reverse. So, this morning when my lady dropped me off at the station, she asked when the next train was. I didn’t know, but said that they go through every hour or so. I could tell by her expression that she didn’t like leaving me to a possible hours wait, but I was okay with it. (I do love that she showed concern without even realizing it!) I gathered my bags, trekked down the stairs, through the tunnel, up the stairs to the platform, and stopped to look at the schedule posted in a bulletin board. My plan was to go get a hot chocolate, sit and people watch until the train arrived. Well, I didn’t even have time to read the schedule. I heard the horn, turned around, and the train was pulling into the station. I literally did not have to wait a full minute. I waited longer for the train to stop than I did for it to arrive.

In the past, the old me, in my former life, would have attributed this to nothing more than coincidence. Rather than accepting, and finding joy in it, I would have thought something like, “well, THAT’S never going to happen again!” My reaction to a positive event would have been negative.

Today, I know there are no coincidences. I know that I attracted this absolute miracle of perfect timing, and without even asking for it, the universe gave it to me. It may not necessarily be a big event in the overall picture of my life, except for the fact that if I think and feel positively, it comes back to me, unbidden. In ways that I can’t even conceive of beforehand. The Law of Attraction doesn’t only work in the places where I ask the universe for things, and this was evidence of that. If I needed proof that it worked, what could be better than that?


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