In Practice.

I am putting what I’ve learned about the Law of Attraction into practice, and the results have been nothing short of astounding. I know how people feel when they “find” religion and they want to tell everybody they know. This isn’t something to preach about though, it’s to demonstrate by thought, word, and deed.

My lady is cautiously optimistic about the change she’s seen in me, but still doesn’t really believe it. I can’t say that I blame her though, but every morning when I awake, I visualize our wedding, and then I thank the Universe for bringing her back into my life. This morning, out of the blue, and unbidden, she told me that if I drank again, not to call her, text her or email her again, because she wouldn’t respond or enable me anymore. I know it’s early and we’re just starting back out, but I have to admit that that hurt. First, because I already know that, and second, because I felt like everything we had accomplished together in the last two days didn’t matter. I really struggled not to let negativity rule my thoughts, and it took a few moments for me to recover. It was also though, an example to me of how vigilant I need to be about my thinking, because negativity can come out of anywhere and try to grab me if I allow it to.

Any way, I helped my lady with some work around her house on the weekend, and later I took a shower. I fell in the shower. I turned around for some room, my feet literally flew out from under me, and I went down so hard that I broke the faucet nozzle off. So. According to the Law of Attraction, I had attracted this particular manifestation of negativity into my life. But rather than becoming negative, I actually found the whole thing amusing after I recovered from the pain. This was just as literal a proof of the truth as any positive activity in my life. The obvious solution was to study this, and try to determine how I had attracted a painful fall in the shower. (curiously, I had never fallen in a shower in my 59 years of life)  I believe, that it was because the day before I had been thinking selfishly, rather than maintaining positive thoughts. I tell you though, once you start working with the Law and accepting it, if you put out negative energy, the Universe gives it back in a hurry and hard.

Any way, I did some good things over the last couple of days, and I helped some people who are close to me to, hopefully feel some joy and happiness. I know I sure did.

Some of my goals are to own a house, a Jaguar, a motorcycle, and as of today, a big yacht. I saw one docked in the river, and I was almost immediately transported aboard her in my mind, and I could feel what it would be like if she was mine. Now, I’m retired, and even though I have a nice pension, no “reasonable” person would believe that I’ll ever be able to afford any of that stuff. However, I know what I know, and I know the universe will give those things to me. Another goal of mine is to write. My blog is the start, but my positive thoughts resulted in a return of that positive energy in the form of an idea about a book. A book, that when published will be a NY Times bestseller, and provide me with the means to accomplish my goals. It’s going to be a lot of work, because I know literally nothing about the publishing business, let alone the process of researching and writing a history. That’s where the Law of Attraction comes in though. I can do this, because the power of the Universe tells me I can.


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