Consider this. I’m no quantum physicist, but I know that everything in the universe is made of the fundamental elements: Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, beryllium, chromium, on and on. Molecules of these elements form every type of matter, and even non-matter in the universe. These molecules all have atomic numbers, based on the formations of atoms within them. At the core of every atom, is nothing but pure energy. Sometimes quantifiable, sometimes only discerned through mathematics. But all energy is the same. So everything, and anything that exists, is, at it’s basic core, pure energy.

If everything and every body is composed of the absolute very same energy, then it stands to reason that everything, and every body is interconnected at our purest level. It stands to reason that the chemical processes in our brains are formed of energy. It stands to reason that thoughts and emotions are driven by this energy and go out to the universe as energy. It stands to reason that our energy commingles with the energy of the universe. It stands to reason that the energy of the universe responds to our energy.

This is a huge simplification, of course, but it is also a huge truth that is simple in concept. This is the Law of Attraction. I don’t have to understand it. I simply have to accept, and believe, that it exists. It truly is a secret, as it’s taken me 59 years to learn this fundamental truth, and the majority of folks still are unaware of this. It explains so much for me. I can see why there is good and evil. I can see why I never allowed myself to be happy. I can see why my opinions, prejudices, beliefs, disbeliefs, were not so much as wrong, but misguided. The universe doesn’t care about my opinion of gay people. It doesn’t care about my political stands, it doesn’t care about my “morality.” The universe merely reacts to the energy that I put into it. If the energy is negative, it responds with negative energy. Therefore, my total attitude has shifted to one of accepting everyone, whoever, whatever they do or choose to be. Because my energy is positive, and I want to radiate that to everyone and their energy. It is so simple, yet so profound. All I have to do is be positive, because every one, and everything no matter the form, is me, and I, them. We are all energy.

The secret tells you that if you tell the universe what you want, believe that it will come, and receive it with gratefulness, anything is possible. I put it to the test last night, and this morning, there it was. I asked for it, I believed it would come, and it did. Simple. Now however, I am feeling almost giddy with this freedom and joy I experienced.

For years, because of my “depression”, I couldn’t stop myself from becoming weepy and emotional about anything and everything. I couldn’t talk about my past without crying. I was angry at my Father for the terror he inflicted on me as a child. I saw a post on Facebook that reminded me that today was the 69th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe. My Father was in the pacific serving as a medic. He was traumatized beyond belief, and that converted to negative energy for him for the rest of his life. I understood then, and I knew that he never learned the secret. Suddenly, it was pure for me. I forgave him, and I send positive energy to mix with his energy in the universe. I became a little teary eyed at the revelation I had just been given, but the tears were not sorrowful. I don’t weep out of sadness anymore. I don’t need to. I am grateful that I never had to endure the horrors of war like so many others have, and continue to have to.


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